Credit card tokenization

How does it work?

Easily create customized forms that comply with PCI requirements. Jupiter Collect intercepts sensitive data before it reaches your server and replaces it with aliased versions, securing the original information in our vault.

All data in motion from the web browser (VGS-Collect iframes) to VGS-Vault is sent over TLS 1.2 with Authenticated Encryption mode ciphers. The data at rest (in the Vault) is tokenized and encrypted at rest via AES-256-GCM.


  • Help you remain out of PCI Compliance
  • Fully customizable styles
  • Input validation
  • Input masking and formatting
  • Card Brand Identification
  • Fast integration

Code examples in action

Try out the interactive demo below to see tokenization in action, learn about UI components, input validation, and style customization, as well as see real-time samples in various frontend frameworks.

Tokenization Interactive Demo

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