Payments - Onboarding a merchant

Onboarding approaches

Jupiter provides two different alternatives to onboard multiple sub-merchants to your platform.

Online onboarding flow

Jupiter provides your platform with a unique URL (for example:<your_platform_name>) to invite your customers to complete the online onboarding flow and start accepting payments. Each time a submerchant application is submitted a webhook will send your platform a POST request with the collected data.

Custom onboarding experience

This approach requires the developer to create all the forms to collect the sub-merchant information and to leverage jupiter-link to connect to the payout bank account. Having collected all the necessary information, the provisioning API will allow the platform to provision the submerchant account in a single step. Learn more ..

Underwriting process

Once the submerchant application has been submitted successfully with either online onboarding or provisioning API, the Jupiter underwriting starts with the intent to complete within a few hours. Once approved a webhook is executed letting the platform know about this event.

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