Payments- Introduction

Easily cover all your payments needs

Jupiter facilitates the process of implementing eCheck, credit and debit card payments within your platform or marketplace.

Here developers can quickly learn about common use cases, how to test the API endpoints through our postman collection, and finally copy/paste the API calls into their own platform codebase. Furthermore, some interactive demos and sample codes are also provided to accelerate the learning curve.

What to consider prior to starting development?

  • Onboarding a merchant to your platform. Jupiter provides two different approaches to onboard a sub-merchant. 1. Our online onboarding flow 2. A customized onboarding experience through our provisioning api. Learn more..
  • The importance of Credit-Card tokenization to safely capture the credit card information through web or mobile specialized UI-Elements to remain reduce exposure to PCI compliance. Learn more..
  • Executing any possible credit card operations and echeck operations (sale, authorization, capture, refund, rollback, avs and void operations)
  • Querying all the history for merchants, transactions, fees, payout instructions, balances, settlements, and disputes. Learn more..

Core concepts

Provisioning channels

Acceptance channels


Payout schedules

Dynamic payouts

Split payout model

Dynamic fees

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