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The Sale transaction is the most basic and most common transaction, used for the sale/purchase of goods or services. This type of transaction compares the account holder’s account balance to the amount specified in the transaction. If the amount specified is available, the transaction is approved by the bank and an approval code is returned. If the amount is not available, or the transaction is denied for any other reason by the bank, an error message containing the reason is returned.

Echeck sale operation types

Additional information

Echeck operations need a CustomerId in order to associate the operation to a customer. CheckNumber and TaxAmount can be sent respectively, widening the operation options for your platform.

API Reference Sale


Verification checks the validity of the actual check or draft being presented.

API Reference Verification


A Void transaction can be used to back out a previous transaction. This applies to all transactions that were entered into the current batch, and only for the full dollar amount of the original transaction.

API Reference Void


Using the TransactionID from the original dependent transaction eCheck transaction amounts can be returned after 24 hours from the initial sale.

API Reference Refund


The reverse (or communications/System Reversal) is generated when there is a problem delivering the response back to the server side code. It is the transaction requestor’s responsibility to generate a rollback transaction for all transactions that do not receive responses.

API Reference Reverse

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